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Simon Kenna

I am a professional, very experienced and popular telephone sales trainer covering the UK. My own career in sales spans 30 years, which some clients feel is what singles me out as a true professional.

I have worked in many different countries on many projects in many diverse and some unusual industries. My personal experience and accumulated knowledge of the skills, personality, energy and focus required for telephone sales put me in a strong position to get optimum results from others, often involving inexperienced teams in start-up situations.

Targeted Telesales Training

Telephone Selling

If you have an outbound or inbound telephone sales team, you are probably wondering how to get more out of them, individually and as a unit. How do you ensure more productivity, more meetings, more sales and ultimately more revenue?

More Business

You need personalised, targeted telesales training that works! I am ideally placed to guide you in the most effective way to support, coach and motivate your telesales team.

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I am Authentic...

Companies that I have worked with feel comfortable with me and many have referred to me as ‘authentic’. Every client is unique and there is no one size fits all methodology for telesales. What makes my approach so successful, is that I attune very well to the needs of each individual business that I work with. All my work is 1:1 with individuals avoiding group seminars as my history proves, these hardly scratch the surface where sales training is concerned. My clients usually agree once they see my process working.

Experienced & Expert in my Field....

Each project is approached with a specific appreciation of it’s varied challenges. Sometimes it will be a start up situation and other times an existing team that needs strengthening. Having an experienced and well tested set of outside eyes looking in can be the hinge that swings some very big doors in sales.

Hiring a sales coach is an important decision with regards to your internal sales team. I have made some excellent changes for many. 

For my own services I recommend you give me a call to discuss as well as checking out my very positive testimonials. If you wish to speak with any of my past clients that can be arranged. I am totally transparent and flexible in what I do and always enjoy speaking to new prospects.