The Next Step?

At this stage you might be intrigued in finding out more about my services for business owners-certainly if you have read my clients’ reviews detailing what I have helped them, and their team achieve. The first step is to contact me via the contact form on this website or phone my office. Your call will be answered by a human being 24/7 and your details passed to me for a reply within 24 hours. You can then explain the issues you may be facing and if I feel I can help I will advise you accordingly. If feel I cannot help, then I can usually suggest an alternative route for you. Once we get an understanding of each other and I am made aware of your challenges as a business owner with regard to an existing or potential telesales team we can probably move forward. 

From my perspective I am limited to the number of clients I work with as I do not employ “a team of trainers”.  Everyone gets me and only me.


Targeted Telesales Training

As regards costs each project is unique, and a one size fits all process is not possible. However, most of my clients would agree that the whole exercise is cost effective and initial results become apparent quickly for those that fully engage with me.There are no long-term contracts and the only condition I have is that (as with all educational situations) fees are paid in advance. On the basis of the above brief synopsis, I look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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