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My approach to increasing sales opportunities concentrates exclusively on the medium of the telephone. I am a telesales coach, offering telephone sales training. I do not diversify, since by concentrating on the telephone I can ensure my approach is entirely focused. I have a lifetime's experience of the challenges inherent in most aspects of telemarketing, appointment setting and telephone sales and the best ways of overcoming them.

​This means I can maximise the likelihood of a positive and sustainable outcome for all concerned. From this point of departure, increased sales and profitability logically follow. I identify and address issues of telephone selling techniques at source and advise on strategy from the top downwards, implementing tactics which are specifically targeted to generate the highest revenue and create strong profit margins.

​Over the years I have learnt that with this approach one can confidently expect optimum results. These optimum results obviously remain the ultimate objective for any company. To get the best results in telephone sales there is a process to follow, which, contrary to popular perception, is not based on random probability

Experienced & Expert in my Field....

Each project is approached with a specific appreciation of it’s varied challenges. Sometimes it will be a start up situation and other times an existing team that needs strengthening. Having an experienced and well tested set of outside eyes looking in can be the hinge that swings some very big doors open in sales.

Targeted Telesales Training

Telephone Selling

If you have an outbound or inbound telephone sales team, you are probably wondering how to get more out of them, individually and as a unit. How do you ensure more productivity, more meetings, more sales and ultimately more revenue?

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You need personalised, targeted telesales training that works! I am ideally placed to guide you in the most effective way to support, coach and motivate your telesales team.

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My style...

My style is informal, if you're expecting a starched-shirt, corporate stance, do not seek it here. I aim never to patronise or intimidate, since it is my strong belief that a relaxed, friendly atmosphere generates trust and co-operation.

​Gaining the trust of my clients means I can implement original and innovative ideas for them. Everything I suggest to my clients I have done myself, therefore I can always justify my strategies and tactics.  People put faith in my extensive experience as a telesales trainer to help them achieve their expectations with their team.

One should never underestimate the importance of - and potential for - humour in a sales room, and I certainly encourage it. I am entirely serious about what I do, but I also enjoy my work immensely and believe others should too.

Follow up meetings, call monitoring and extended feedback are also on offer and work particularly well to keep a team or individuals fully up to speed and motivated.

Ongoing Support

Further support including call monitoring with feedback is an additional service I can provide. People can improve by leaps and bounds once I have heard a selection of their ‘best’ calls to new potential clients. It works, provided there is some basic potential in the person or team being trained.

​Finally, and breaking the rule of never knocking one’s competition I should add that all my clients get me and only me to train and mentor them. They never get a cardboard cutout of me delivering my message. I am not an employer of ‘trainers’ farmed out to hold seminars in business centres across the country, I totally discourage training by seminar. 

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